Rod Brown

Retirement was the order of the day when I left the kitchens, and our strongest family ties were 1,200 miles away in Texas. So we are selling the house, buying an RV and taking a slight detour (adding an additional 8,000 miles and five months to the journey satisfying, our A.D.D. (ADVENTURE Deficit Disorder).

Blogging would be the most awesome way to keep the family and friends informed as to our whereabouts and I thought it prudent to look into a possible income online to supplement our Social Security. The reduction of monthly living expenses; insurance, utilities and taxes, required a little adjustment but then I recognized the potential if affiliate marketing income.

I regret that Wealthy Affiliate was not the first avenue I that I ventured down, I could have saved a lot of money and heart-ache. I could not expect a more excellent opportunity to learn how to not only set up a website that will allow my family to sleep at night, knowing that we haven’t been eaten by bears, but offer us the ability to travel and subsidize our government pensions.

Designation: Professional