About Free-Bcash | A Potential Money Maker or Just a Way To Pass Some Time?

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If you’ve browsed my posts here on SmallOnlineBiz.com, you can tell that I cover a wide range of “opportunities,” tools, training platforms and solutions, and so on. Many times, my posts are warnings to steer clear, others, it’s to recommend that you take a look. Today’s post is a steer clear one.

As you know, there are many places on the internet where you can gamble, earn money, throw money away, etc. I hate to say it but, sadly, there seems to be more gambling and throw your money away sites then there are sites genuinely interested in helping you build your financial nest egg.

Today’s post is About Free-Bcash. I’ll talk about what it is, how it works, if you can really make money with it, and what other options are out there. In the end, I’m willing to bet that you’ll skip this site altogether and opt for something a bit less scammy.

This post will be shorter than most, only because I’m in one of those moods and this site just screams stay away.


Let Me Tell You About Free-BcashLet Me Tell You About Free-Bcash

Free-Bcash is a site that touts that you can win free Bitcoin. They offer several ways to win and tries to make it look so easy and inviting.

The site itself is nothing pretty to look at. In fact, it’s more basic than most sites I’ve seen in general. Frankly, it tends to give more effort to putting loosely dressed women with large cleavage ads up for you to click on.

What’s worse is that, when you do click on anything (not just those ads), a new window pops up with whatever they’re trying to push or an alert that your computer is infected. This just makes me think that they’re either trying to scam you out of money or they are so insecure that their site is actually trying to serve up malware.

How Does it Work?How Does it Work?

There are several ways to “earn” free Bitcoin on this platform.


The main draw to Free-Bcash is the free Bitcoin claim. You can spin (click the random number generator button) to win Bitcoin every hour. As of this writing, there are six tiers, offering different Bitcoin rewards and you’ll win the prize from the level that matches the number you spin.

These tiers are currently as follows:

Lucky Number Value
0 – 9885 0.00000322
9886 – 9985 0.00008056
9986 – 9993 0.00080561
9994 – 9997 0.00805611
9998 – 9999 0.08056118
10000 0.80561184

As you can see, it’s stacked so that the majority of people will land in the 0 – 9885 range, which, of course, has the lowest winning value associated with it. Still, if you click every hour, you can build up a decent sum over time.


This feature claims that you have a 50/50 chance to multiply your Bitcoin cash. You can set the value you want to risk and the win chance metric (which just changes the range of numbers) and bet low or high. I have not used this feature as I don’t have a lot of Bitcoin as it is and I’m skeptical of the random number generator settings on the back end.


Think of this as a savings account or CD for your Bitcoin. Supposedly, if you leave your Bitcoin in their system, they can then invest in miners and other stuff and pay you an annual interest rate (currently 6%). The issue I take here is there’s no guarantee beyond what they tell you. No protection, nothing. I’d be hard-pressed to put anything in other than whatever I’ve earned freely from them in the first place.


You can choose to risk your earned Bitcoin in their lottery. For a set price (currently .00000010 Bitcoin) you can buy a lottery ticket in the hopes that you win one of the five prizes:

Price Value Percentage
1 0.01932219 45
2 0.01073455 25
3 0.00644073 15
4 0.00429381 10
5 0.00214690 5

I went ahead and bought 643 tickets into a drawing that ends in 1 hour and 39 minutes. There are a total of 429382 tickets in this lottery right now. As you can imagine, I’m not holding my breath.


This is where they really try to reel you in. If you refer others to this platform, you’ll earn 50% of whatever they receive in their freerolls. This just makes me think that the freerolls offering is more of a gimmick than ever. This is why, if you do see people recommending this platform remember, they are making money off of you when you join and participate.

Let’s see if you can actually make money with it…

Can You Really Make Money With It?Can You Really Make Money With It?

If everything is to be believed, yes, I just have a hard time trusting this site. There is a Network fee of 0.00030000 Bitcoin when you go to withdraw, so that’s one way the owners make a little money.

Don’t get me wrong, assuming this is legit and you can actually get your money out; you can earn Bitcoin for free (although I’d argue your time spent doing so could be better spent on other endeavors like an actual job or even survey sites, and you can make more). I just don’t see it truly rewarding anyone other than whoever actually runs the site.

What really concerns me is the constant pop-ups asking me to download something or telling me my machine is infected, the “sexy” ads always being displayed and the fact that, after quite some time, I’ve never spun higher than the minimum tier.

Everything this site offers, just screams scam to me. I’ve even read reviews and comments from others stating they weren’t able to withdraw their Bitcoin balances or that the withdrawal fee increased when they tried (some said by 15x) making it equal to the amount they were trying to withdraw. I haven’t tried to pull the money out because I haven’t made much to bother with.

What Other Options Are There?What Other Options Are There?

The answer to this question depends on your intent. Are you looking to gamble, simply to make money online, for other Bitcoin earning solutions, etc.?

Each one of those has a multitude of answers. Simply run a Google search for one of those terms, and you’ll be inundated results.

I will list my personal number one recommended solution here, and that is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not a gambling, cryptocurrency, or get-rich-quick site. It’s an honest, takes work and effort to succeed, affiliate marketing training platform, and so much more. Click on the banner below to see my review of Wealthy Affiliate and why I love it so much.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review


I know, I know. I rarely write a post like this. I don’t know if I’m just over scams in general or if my blood glucose level is off but, for some reason, I just can’t recommend staying away from Free-Bcash enough. I do have a background in IT and compliance, and there are so many red-flags for me on this one:

  • Free, no effort, Bitcoin
  • Chance to multiply it
  • Let it sit and earn interest
  • Try the lottery
  • Refer others

All of these for free, and intended to get you to invest your time, maybe even bring in your Bitcoin made elsewhere, and keep your Bitcoin in their system, all with a carrot dangled in front of you. It falls into that “too good to be true” category.

When you think about that and then see the “sexy” ads pasted all over the screen, the infection warnings, the constant pop-ups asking you to download a file and so on, it just can’t be anything other than a scam.

OK, enough of my rant. Now that you know About Free-Bcash, what are your thoughts? Do you currently use it? If so, what has your experience been? Am I way off here and should check my sugar? It’s just not adding up. Please let me know by commenting below.

If you want to check them out for yourself, please follow my affiliate link here, as I’d like to see how that aspect truly works.  I haven’t referred anyone yet because I just don’t trust the site.

Thank you,

Scott Hinkle



20 thoughts on “About Free-Bcash | A Potential Money Maker or Just a Way To Pass Some Time?”

  1. Henderson says:

    No, I have never used free bcash but if I every wanted to to join, I mean if I had the thought of it ever and I went to the site, I could tell immediately that it is nothing but a scam from the main site that is all about the cleavage and the infection.

    A legit platform will be able to put up a good decent platform and also have a user-friendly website. Glad you did this review here on free bcash and I understand why you can be put off by the platform.

    Nice one!

    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Yes, the appearance is very very poor.  I’m sorry but, if you put the time into the back-end and making this platform what they purport it to be, you’d work on the front end to give it a professional look.  This site just doesn’t add up.


  2. Jay says:

    From my experience, I have to say that this does not look trustworthy.

    The signup page looks too simple for a professional website and it does not seem like what a lot of work was put into it. It does look too good to be true and although I have not personally used it I am just not convinced that this would be worth my time. I don’t see any good feedback on these guys and for me, that can be considered as a huge red flag.

    My time would be better spent on other things that can make me some real money.

    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      Agreed!  I actually only joined as part of my research for this article.  In the end, the time vs. reward aspect simply isn’t worth it.  You could make more bitcoin setting up a miner and joining a pooled mining site, etc.  At least then you’d be assured that you actually have bitcoin of your own and could get it out if you wanted to.

      Thank you,


  3. Tracy says:


    Thanks for doing a detailed review of free bcash. I must say that I really found this piece to be helpful. 

    One thing that has always been on my mind is the fact that I might not be able to make a withdrawal through this platform and they didn’t disappoint me when the time came for me to withdraw. They just kept popping various reasons why they didn’t send my mined bitcoin and so much more.

    I’m just done with all these scam networks.


    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t get your bitcoin out.  I’ve heard that a lot as I did my research.

      Sadly scam networks work because people fall for them all the time.  I hope that someday we won’t be bothered with such nonsense.

      Thanks for commenting,


  4. John says:

    If I was given this platform as an idea to invest my money in, I doubt very much that I’d join because even the name itself is already a turn-off.

    First, there’s no free money anywhere and it doesn’t even talk about the crypto currency that it deals in. Maybe free bcoin would have been a better name. Well, I don’t even deal with Bitcoin so it’s a no-no for me and the claims of multiplication are really ridiculous.

    Nice post you have here. Well written.

    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      Yes, the whole thing just screams fishy.

      I’m glad to see others out there that see the red flags and know what to avoid.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,


  5. Dane says:

    Hello there, 

         Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Cryptocurrency is one very cool means of making money lately and it’s getting bigger in the market with more people going into it, so I’m not surprised seeing it as a petty means to scam people.

    However, these people that are aimed at should not forget the importance of research before joining any platform to do business. Personally, for me the idea of the lottery is always a no-no as I don’t like taking chances in business and the referral aspect just worsens it. 

    Thanks for your time

    1. Scott Hinkle says:


      Thanks for taking the time to comment.  You make some excellent points.


  6. Rodarrick says:

    I am on the free bcash platform. Though it was introduced to me by a colleague at work but I have never thought of really considering the thoughts of it being a scam.

    But come to think of it, I have never tried withdrawal on it because I was trying to stack up as many as possible Bitcoin before making a withdrawal. Wow! Maybe I’d give a trial to withdrawal.

    But then, if I were to try it and I couldn’t withdraw, then I will be certain that this is a complete waste of my time. 


    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      If you do test it, let me know how it goes.  I’d love to hear if you run into the same issue others have reported.

      Thank you,


  7. Jones says:

    At this point of my life and the little experience I have when it comes to online business dealings, I can tell if any website is likely to be a scam, to be on the safe side, its better to neglect any offer that looks fishy, most of them are thorns covered by leaves, they’ll end up hurting you. Free Bcash looks like a good and nice offer but I can tell it’s not so straight forward. Thanks for sharing this post, its interesting.

    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      I totally get where you’re coming from.  The best advice I can give you is trust but verify and if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

      If you keep those two “rules” in mind, you’ll be better off for it.

      Thank you,


  8. Carol5162 says:

    I think their website is all over the place.

    A serious website will not try all sorts of things in one platform, especially distasteful adverts.

    I will not be so keen on gambling and lottery platforms as a way to make extra money. This reminds me of a program where you see that you have made money but when it is time to withdraw, you just cannot, as you never seem to reach the required threshold.

    Thank you for this in-depth review. We now know what not to waste time on.

    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      I agree and find the site very basic looking.  I would be ashamed to present it to others, LOL.

      Gambling is really for entertainment only.  It’s very rare that someone hits it big.

      You’re welcome.  Thanks for commenting,


  9. Abayomi says:

    Excellent article on Free Bcash.  Thank you for exposing this.

    Some of the websites claiming about bitcoin mining factory, as you have stated that it has negative reviews where the complaint was the inability to withdraw funds.  I have fallen to such also. Websites keep draining data and at the end nothing. 

    The best way to make money online is WA,thank you for sharing this helpful write-up.

    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      I’m glad you found my review useful.

      Yes, avoiding these kinds of sites is imperative these days.

      Thanks for commenting,


  10. Yahwebuka Gabrayl Ikedinaonu says:

    It pays but little. — Just about what you patient enough to claim.

    1. Scott Hinkle says:

      True, I guess my real impression is time vs. reward. The true question is, is it worth it?

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