What Is Cash Juice? | A Great Advertising Opportunity Or Just Another Cash Grab Scam In 2019?

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As you probably already know, there’s no shortage of tools and platforms out there claiming to be the next big thing or the top solution to your problems. This is true in any venture. Do you want to trade cryptocurrency? There’re countless platforms out there saying that they’re better than the next. Are you looking to make money online? Same scenario. It goes on and on.

Sadly, many of these claims are unfounded or outright false. That’s not to say there aren’t excellent options out there; it just seems that many are out for the quick cash grab and move on. That’s one of the reasons this site exists; to review “opportunities” and provide you with an unbiased view in the hopes of saving you time, helping you from getting caught up in a less than reputable program, and hopefully steer you toward legitimate options.

Today’s post is all about answering the question “What Is Cash Juice?” and giving you the information you need to determine if the platform is legit or just trying to make a quick buck off of you. I’ll cover what it is, how it works if it will help you and your website, and let you know if it’s a scam or not.

Let’s get started…


What Is Cash Juice?What Is Cash Juice?

In a nutshell, Cash Juice is a social networking platform with a traffic exchange twist geared toward business owners. It’s the creation of Darren Merrett, the maker of TrafficAdBar.com.

The basic premise is to promote your business and generate leads through Cash Juice, but there are two other ways to leverage the platform. You can be active in the Cash Juice community and take advantage of an ad revenue sharing system, and, like many platforms, Cash Juice offers a referral program too.

Some even use Cash Juice as a teaching and learning platform. That’s one of the secondary (at least for me, money-making being the primary) draws of this platform.

Let’s take a look at how it works in little more detail…

How Does It Work?How Does It Work?

So how does Cash Juice work?

Traffic Exchange

At its heart, Cash Juice’s main product is a traffic exchange solution. The idea is to use TrafficAdBar to exchange website views. You visit people’s sites and, in return, they visit yours. The more visits you make, the more you get, etc. The primary product push is your Cash Juice affiliate link. Get people to sign up and, if they go premium, make a commission, etc.

Post Rotator

Cash Juice offers a post rotator. The idea behind this is you can use it to publish posts and/or view and interact with other people’s posts. As you view other member posts, you earn credits. You can then use those credits to promote your post or submit an ad to Cash Juice’s ad network.

Although this is an interesting tool/feature, you earn credits by viewing other people’s posts for so many seconds (5 minimum). As you can imagine, most of what you’ll are ads that other members are posting. For me, it’s a vicious circle.

League Position

This is another way that Cash Juice encourages participation. Many of us have a competitive bone in our bodies somewhere. Cash Juice tickles this bone by offering bonuses based on your league position. Three factors contribute to your rating: Referral Hits, Followers, and Referrals.

Of course, this isn’t an unknown number. Cash Juice allows you to view the rank of other members and compare your position to theirs.


Cash Juice has an internal ad system that displays ads on its network (not just the Cash Juice website). The advertisements you see at the bottom of every page on the Cash Juice site are such ads.

To create an ad, you have to spend credits, which you can earn or buy. Sadly, I don’t know how many sites are part of this network and wasn’t able to locate that information, so it’s hard to say what your exposure might be.


Everything listed above can be had for free (well in exchange for your time), but you can also go with the premium option. First off, it’s pretty cheap to go premium. The cost is only a one-time payment of $29.50. That’s pretty amazing as far as premium offerings on any platform.

For this upgrade, you get an appearance boost, if you will. You get additional benefits that include sharing multiple links at once vs. only one and 5,000 ad credits too.

Will Cash Juice Help You And Your Website?Will Cash Juice Help You And Your Website?

This is a tricky one to answer…

On one hand, you can build ads, set them up on the platform and hope that some of the people that view them (even if it is just for the mandated minimum time, while trying to earn credits so they can create their own for free, etc.) actually find your ad appealing and click through to your site. On the other, most of those people are just going through the motions and aren’t really looking for anything in particular or even paying attention to your ad’s content. Now, maybe that’s just the cynic in me, but I’m skeptical as to how useful this piece of the puzzle really is.

Cash Juice offers decent training on its platform. If some of the information is new to you or addresses a specific need of yours then, yes, there’s a benefit there for you. Unfortunately, I don’t know where you are in your business venture, nor do I know what knowledge you lack, so, again, I can’t say for sure. Only you can answer that question.

As for the referral program, yes, it can make you money. The trick here is to use the platform to it’s fullest, so you can speak with authority and hopefully provide evidence showing how you’ve made money yourself. Everyone likes a how it worked for me story. You can also create some training that others would find useful and promote the training as a selling point. For each referral that upgrades to premium, you’ll receive $4.43 (15%).

So, all of this said, is Cash Juice a scam? Let’s find out…

Is Cash Juice A Scam?Is Cash Juice A Scam?

Let me start by saying no, Cash Juice is not a scam. That said, I feel that the level of effort I’d have to put forth to make it a viable solution for me is more than I’m willing to expend and is better applied elsewhere.

The most significant factors in my decision are the whole ad rotator piece and training offered.

The ad rotator just seems to me that I’m supposed to visit links and view them of X seconds before moving onto the next one, all in a real effort to get me the credits I need to place ads of my own. I can’t get over that hump. If that’s what I’m doing it for, isn’t that what the other guy is doing too? That’s just cold traffic with minimal potential to blossom into anything.

As for the training, it’s good, it’s useful, but it’s not a complete solution, and I don’t think it does a great job of providing a comprehensive education. For me, other platforms handle this piece of the puzzle better. If you’ve read some of my other articles, you know that my number one recommended training platform is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not the only option out there, but its primary focus is training you in affiliate marketing, and it does that job very well.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review


So, before you jump to the conclusion that Cash Juice isn’t worth it, let me reiterate, it’s not for me, but others swear by it. Who’s to say that someone, doing the same thing I am, when it comes to looking at the ads, won’t find your ad intriguing and click-through? I suppose it depends on your offer and how tantalizing your ad is. My decision is based on time vs. reward, and, in my current phase in life, it’s not a good fit for me.

It’s not a price thing at all; after all, I can use it for free, and the premium price is a one-time payment of $29.50, a small fee compared to all the other platforms out there.

All that said, I could see Cash Juice as a great place if I were starting out as a newbie. The training would be a good starting point, building ads and networking with other, like-minded members, can be a great confidence builder. I’m just not at that point any longer.

If you’d like to check Cash Juice out for yourself, please click on the banner below:

So, have I answered the question “What Is Cash Juice?” for you? What do you think of it? Do you see Cash Juice as a platform that interests you? Are you already a member of Cash Juice? If so, what has your experience been? Did I leave something important out of this review? Please let me know by commenting below.

Thank you,

Scott Hinkle



2 thoughts on “What Is Cash Juice? | A Great Advertising Opportunity Or Just Another Cash Grab Scam In 2019?”

  1. Mugalu Mansoor says:

    Thanks for this amazing article about Cash Juice because it has been interesting from the beginning to the end.

    Through this article I have gotten to know about Cash Juice and the most interesting thing about this platform is that their premium is affordable which is usually not the case with so many others. So, I conclude that Cash Juice is a good platform to associate with and the price makes it worth the investment, even it I don’t use it to its fullest potential.


    1. Scott Hinkle says:


           You’re welcome!

      Yes, for the price (you can even use it for free), it’s worth looking into.  It may offer training and information that you didn’t already know and find useful.  Give the social network a try and see if the ad rotator works for you.  Worst-case scenario, you wasted a little time.  Best-case, you’ve found something that works for you.

      Thanks for commenting,


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